Bohemia Apiary

An unconventional approach to the craft of bee keeping on the eastern shore of Maryland.
Who we are
Bohemia Apiary is an Unconventional place where bees are kept, run by a passionate group of Keepers.

At Bohemia Apiary, we practice sustainable bee keeping techniques in order to grow our apiaries in both a traditional yet unconventional approach to the craft.

Founded in 2015 owner & operator Jason Crook established his first colony on the eastern shore of Maryland. Over the last few years through mentorship and much research the apairy has grown 3x and his passion for the Genus Apis has also allowed his hobby turn into a thriving apiary. Taking the age old practice founded in ancient Egypt prior to 2422 BC, brought to North America in the 1620s AD, and now to the rolling acres in Warwick, Maryland.

Whether the sweet rewards of a spring harvest interests you or the biproducts of natural beeswax products and even locally bread queens. Bohemia Apairy has what you need if you are a hobbiest, sideliner, or just a curious onlooker of the amazing honey bees.

What we offer
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Our passion is helping clients find solutions perfectly tailored to their needs. From a simple jar of sweet honey, removal and relocation of honeybees, engagement and education, to apiary design consulting and the equipmet to support it. 

Locally harvested Bee Products
We offer a wide range of honeybee products for your own needs, to give as gifts, or outfit your backyard apiary
Education & Engagement Sessions
We will vist your school, club, or group to help educate the importance of bees and the role a modern day beekeeper plays in the sustainability of our pollenating friends
Local Cut-out Services
We assess your bee situation, present and execute a plan for removal & relocation
Local swarm removal services
We will capture a swarm of bees on your property in an effort to relocate them safely in ours to give them a new home and best chance for survival

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